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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. 

Ancient Earth Alchemy

"Plant-based beauty nourishes you from the outside. Radiant plant-based living nutrition nourishes you from the inside, giving you a heart centeredness and gorgeous glow, no matter what age." Cheré Rachelle 

Preparing a thought out meal is truly an art form, any true culinary artist knows it is indeed a sacred act. Culinary artists can engage all the senses; taste, texture, and aroma; obviously, all play a part in the presentation of a dish. Cooking is an act of self-love and an act of love for others, bringing about a sense of closeness in the home and beyond.

One of my favourite go to's is a delicious (westernized) Ayurvedic dish that is suitable for every lifestyle. This exquisite dish will be sure to give strength and life force vitality in any season. Nourishing kitchari is a fundamental component of the traditional Ayurvedic way of life. My version is composed of basmati rice, mung dal, whole sprouted mung beans and very sophisticated use of spices. When preparing this dish, keep in mind there are many variations to making it; feel free to add your own edits.

History: It is suitable for people to know more in-depth layers before following an ayurvedic recipe as to honour the tradition. Ayurveda (cleansing therapy) is a way of life. The best way to learn the authentic ayurvedic cuisine ("Pakashastra" in India the ancient art of cooking) is to immerse oneself in the culture, live in a village where the elder women still cook this way. It is there one may genuinely learn this ancient art that would be considered the "deep science of cooking." There are very few ancient texts left on the subject (none of them have been translated in English). This is what I learned while travelling and studying India.

Kitchari is a one-pot dish, originating from the Asian subcontinent with references dating back thousands of years. Traditionally made from either yellow lentils or split peas, basmati rice, with a mixture of digestive spices and ghee (or coconut oil). Together these earth elements create a balanced food that is an excellent protein combination. This creation is also considered tridoshic, which means it produces a balancing effect for the three bodily doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  

Although this absolutely exquisite dish is traditionally consumed during cleanses because of it's high levels of complete proteins, vitamins, and the ability to be easily digested by the body... it surely can be enjoyed at any time of the year.  

The theory behind this dish's efficacy has a lot to do with the beautiful concept of food combining, a nutritional approach that advocates specific combinations of foods. A mono-nutrient fast gives our digestive systems a much-needed break from dealing with a heaviness of different types of foods with every meal. The dal and rice are cooked to perfection, so it's easier to absorb. The medicinal spices used fires up the digestive fire in the belly. The ghee (or coconut oil) helps lubricate your inner layers, which allows fat-soluble nutrients to assimilate, as well as to eliminate any build-up that may have occurred over time. 

What I truly love about the intelligence of kitchari is it can easily be enjoyed at any meal of the day and is really one of those dishes that is helpful to have ready-made in the fridge. Feel free to prepare it plain or add some colour by using whatever veggies you have on hand, or exclude them altogether.

Lifestyle choices are one of Ayurveda's basic principles, and a diet full of nutrient-dense foods is an integral part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Yes, to nourishing nutrient-dense foods that won't tax your digestive system, and be sure to appreciate the absolutely delicious smells that will fill your home.  

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