The Ancient Art of Gua Sha & Choosing Your Crystal

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Thanks for stopping by Conscious Beauty. For sure, by meow, you have seen the rollers and gua sha tools circulating everywhere as they become more popular, proving our collective desire to go back to basics in skincare.

Now more than ever, it makes the most sense for us all to incorporate the natural into our daily routines. Making sure organic elements only are used in our products and skincare routines is essential. There is a lot to navigate here, so we will always bring you the best and most relevant topics. 

These precious earth elementals: aka crystals, hold an energy healing vibration that can relax, soothe, uplift and rejuvenate. Fun to use ( and pretty ), these tools made from crystals like rose quartz are beneficial for the skin used daily as part of a regular skincare regime. Not only is the ancient art of gua sha a relaxing ritual for the face, but crystal face rollers also help the ingredients of creams and moisturizers absorb into the face and neck.

If you know you know, an absolute game-changer. Crystal face rollers are brilliant at facial massage. They are super fun and simple to use, and they also have an immediate impact on the fluid tissues of the face, including blood and lymph. By rolling them across your cheeks, chin and forehead, you'll slowly open up pathways and improve lymphatic flow, which reduces puffiness and inflammation.

The most effective way to use your crystal facial roller is using light pressure, always start on the décolleté and neck as this opens up pathways and creates flow for adequate drainage. Glide your chosen crystal roller from the centre of the face out to the side and down the neck. Work up the neck and face and then back down and return to areas where there is any superficial facial tension, such as the jaw.

Each crystal has its unique energy and healing properties. Each earth element has its own physical and chemical properties, which provide different benefits for different skin types and concerns. 


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