7 Rose Water Beauty Secrets To Live By

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Rose Water Elixir

Loves did you know rose water has been used for centuries all throughout history, recorded as far back as the 7th century! The roses are here on earth for our support babes :) all of the plant offerings are our allies! Read our gathered Rose Water Beauty Secrets & be sure to never be without this must-have Everyday Essential. 


1. Rose water calms your skin.

Rose water has known anti-inflammatory properties, when this delicious product  is used consistently on the skin it can soothe any irritation, even those caused by conditions, such as eczema & rosacea. 

2. Rose water is known to relieve stress. 

Babes this is so key, a simple, effective way to improve your mood is the inhalation of rose & consistent use of rose water :) Research has shown that rose has anti - depressant & anti-anxiety properties. Yes please.

3. Rose water contains powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidant properties of rose water help to strengthen your skin cells & regenerate your skin tissues. We shall age gracefully & it absolutely doesn't hurt to slow the process down. Thank your Mother Nature!

4. Rose water relaxes the central nervous system.

Spritz rose water on your pillow at night before catching zzzzz's as well as at the start of your day. Welcome in deep breaths, spray on as much as you'd like :) with that glow you're ready to take on anything!

5. Rose water keeps fine lines & wrinkles at bay.

With the consistent practice of Gua Sha & the use of rose in skincare, the anti inflammatory properties of rose water can help reduce the redness of irritated skin & even get rid of acne with its antimicrobial properties! Great for all skin types, even assisting those with troublesome dermatitis & eczema.

6. Rose water maintains the skin's PH balance.

The nourishing & moisturizing properties of rose water enhance the quality of all skin types due to the astringent like properties it possesses. Beautiful organic rose water helps clean your pores & tone the skin. Applying rose water after steaming is super as it tightens capillaries, reduces redness & blotchiness, giving you a glorious glow!

7. Rose water strengthens skin cells.

Rose water is an amazing everyday essential as it naturally regenerates skin tissues. Use rose water daily as an ally. It helps hydrate, revitalize, keep the  moisture in, leaving you with that refreshed look.

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