Honoring the Ancient Art of Gua Sha

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Greetings Radiant Beauties! We would love to honor this ancient art and it's origins, as it has gifted us with many benefits. The concept of Gua Sha originates from the Chinese culture, and is one of the world's oldest practices used as a Chinese medical technique. Traditionally it was used to treat degenerative illness and disease, congestion of the qi and blood. Now in modern times it is used in massage in various applications.

Our favorite way is to incorporate Gua Sha into our skin care routines to improve the health of skin and tissues of the face and neck, which as a result gives one more radiant and beautiful skin, as well as more lifted and sculpted features. 

The practice of Gua Sha dates all the way back to records pointing to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) where the procedure was scientifically written into major medical records. To read more about the more in depth of Chinese history and Gua Sha check this informative article.

Gua Sha is the perfect at home self care treatment. This practice can be done daily, as well as two to three times per week, as it improves circulation and helps one relax the nerves fully, and can truly transform the way you look and feel. 

The art of Gua Sha reduces puffiness, moving stagnant lymph fluids, creating a more contoured look naturally. How it works is by increasing circulation, therefore increasing oxygen delivery improving overall skin health. 

When using this practice on yourself... It is important to be gentle with the under-eye. We love the effect the tool has to reduce puffiness as well as to help improve dark circles... Dark circles are usually a result of lack of proper circulation. 

The aim of this practice is to be intentional, slow and mindful and to relax the nervous system entirely.  We love doing this practice in the morning at the start of a new day and also as a part of night time self care routines. 

We are especially fond of our Gua Sha practice in the mornings as it is a perfect time to set intention for the day and it is usually when there is the most fluid retention in the face because of laying horizontally.

As you earn more trips around the sun, you learn it is more about all the little day to day actions you do daily that add up over time. This sweet ancient practice does really make a big difference, anyone using these tools will be able to share truthfully. Gua Sha really allows us to go deeper, as we hold so much tension in our jaw... This is the perfect antidote. 

Make sure to always use a slip (serum) when you use this practice with light to medium pressure. We love to start and finish with our Rosewater Pearl Elixir. We have named our custom Radiant Heart Rose Quartz Gua Sha "Xin" as Xin translates to heart, mind, feeling, intention, centre in Chinese. We want to honor the culture from which this practice comes and this Xin energy serves as a reminder to return to our heart center feeling again renewed and refreshed in every moment as we return to love.

We are inspired by Chinese culture beauty and we want to honor where we first learned of this precious practice. Thank you for taking the time to read and please share with us in the comments below any of your favorite resources on Gua Sha

To the Radiance living within us all ✨

Radiant Botanica 

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